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With "Checker" you can......

It is if you answer "yes" to anyone of these questions------

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, you probably now have some questions of your own. Read on and they will be answered.

Printing checks for your personal or business account with "Checker" software.

The most important information on any check is the funny looking row of numbers across the bottom. These numbers must be printed correctly or the check cannot be used. Checker allows you to print these numbers (as well as all the other important information) as they appear on your own checks. You can then use the "Checker" checks as you would normally use the high priced, custom, printed checks that you've been paying big bucks for!

Accepting checks from anyone via phone, fax, or e-mail!

All it takes is a telephone, fax machine or e-mail account and you are ready to instantly take a check from anyone, anywhere. If you sell any product, anyone with a checking account can "impulse buy" from you, even if they don't have a credit card! They simply fax you their check, give you the information you need over the phone or via e-mail. You put this information into your computer using the "Checker" software. Your computer will then print a check that you can deposit into your business or personal account. No fees, no commissions, no hassles. Just sit back and watch your sales increase 24 hours a day and your expenses decrease.

Reselling Checker Software

You can resell the software at any price you choose. Since "Checker" is transmitted to you electronically, there are no overhead costs such as printing, packaging, disks, etc. You can resell "Checker" and pocket the entire amount as profit! The price is right and the benefits are endless!

How Does CHECKER Work?

Your customers give you their authorization and their checking account information to purchase your product or service much like millions and millions of people are doing everyday with their credit cards.

You enter their check information into the CHECKER software program, which takes less than two minutes to enter the information. You can then print out the check immediately or you can save it to print it later with a group of other checks.The printed checks can be deposited into your bank account the same way you deposit your checks now.

That's it. It is just this simple to accept your customers checks and to deposit them in the bank the same day.

Every Business And Money-Minded Organization In America Can Use This Product To Increase Their Bottom Line!

How Will The CHECKER Check Printing Software Help A Business Increase Their Sales And Their Profits Almost Overnight?

Right now, there are over 135 Million American consumers who have a checking account and 70 Million of them do not have a credit card. Opening your business to this huge segment of the market will increase your sales and your profits almost overnight.

This large group of customers can now make instant purchases without the long wait for a check to arrive at your place of business before their order is fulfilled. This means that now your customer does not have to sit down and write a check, find and address an envelope, locate a stamp, make a trip to the post office, and wait for their check to arrive at your location before they get what they purchased.

There are also many people who have credit cards who prefer to pay by check, especially for business expenses. They too will now be able to make purchases in this manner. There are many businesses today that are not able to get set up with merchant accounts to be able to accept credit cards. This will help them out as well, especially the small and home-based businesses who need to get paid now.

The bottom line is, you will be able to increase your orders and your profits by having this method of payment available to your present and prospective customers. They will love you for having this.

Additional Benefits of CHECKER

Is It Legal To Accept Checks In This Way?

Absolutely. Thousands of businesses are accepting and depositing checks like this everyday and they have been doing that for years. Banks know about this, but most people and businesses don't know they can do business in this way.

Paper drafts are established as a legal method of payment as provided in the Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 [39] and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-401, 3-403; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Chapter II, Part 210; and Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4A-201 to 4A-212. Only verbal agreement is required for authorization.

Also, see Romani v Harris, 255 MD. 389. The customer's signature on the check is not necessary. All that is required is verbal or written customer authorization over the phone, fax or email. CHECKER will print all required signatory information on each check.

Banks process check drafts like The CHECKER checks all the time. There is no additional processing required by a bank to accept this type of deposit.

What Do I Need To Start Using This Program?

To get started, all you need is the CHECKER software, access to an IBM compatible computer (Windows) and a laser or bubble jet printer and some blank check paper. That's it. Once you get the CHECKER Check Printing Software, and you have access to a computer, printer and you have some blank check paper, all you need to do is concentrate on getting orders, processing the check information and depositing them into the bank.

Major Features Of CHECKER

CHECKER is a turnkey system, offering all the tools necessary to start accepting checks by fax, phone, email, etc...